Brotherhood Highlights  

Brenda Dinh

January 24, 2019

Last weeks brotherhood highlight went to Brenda Dinh! Brenda was a pre-pharmacy student at UOP and now she is a P1! She’s super fashionable and loves both Patagonia and ripped jeans. But, if she has to choose to wear either Patagonia or ripped jeans, she choose wear ripped jeans! If she was stuck on a deserted island, the one person she would want there with her is her dad 🏝 Brenda has been all over Europe, but her ultimate travel destination is Japan! 🇯🇵🍣

Brian Ho

November 13, 2018

Last weeks brotherhood highlight went to Brian Ho! Brian is a superstar to us and if he could star in his own movie, he would want his costar to be Jessica Alba 🎬 A skill that Brian wishes he had would be underwater basket weaving😯 Nobody likes germs, especially Brian...if he had to pick between getting sneezed on or shaking someone’s snot covered hand, he’d shake the hand🤧🤝

Clark Ma

November 07, 2018

Last weeks brotherhood highlight went to Clark Ma! Clark is currently a second year pharmacy student. Clark is a huge fan of “One Piece” and drinking soda but if he had to choose only one between the two he would chose soda because soda is just too good 🥤 If Clark was Matt Stonie (a competitive eater) he would do a 9000 Calorie Pizza Challenge 😋🍕And this past summer, Clark too a trip to Asia, where his favorite memory was going to Tokyo DisneySea with Sandra!

Ken Choi

October 30, 2018

Brotherhood highlight goes to Ken Choi! Meet Ken, he’s a 2nd year pharmacy student and he is also a newly initiated brother. Get to know him a little! If he could meet any fictional character, he would meet Heimlich and the rest of the bugs from bugs life 🐛🐜 If his life had a theme song, it would be “Summertime Sadness” ☹️ And if he could make any law that everyone had to follow, he would have everyone download the app “Coffee Meets Bagel” ☕️💓

Isabel Mangaoang

August 23, 2019

Last weeks brotherhood highlight went to Isabel Mangaoang! Isabel is currently a first year pharmacy student. Fun fact: Isabel does an (almost)daily ASMR on her Snapchat so be sure to be her friend in real life and on Snapchat! She thinks the best ASMR sound comes from ice “CRONCH” Isabel is such a huge Disney fan that she would rather have unlimited free Disney tickets than unlimited free food 👸 and if she had to watch only one movie on repeat it would be Moana! 🌊🌺

Russell Dea

October 04, 2018

Congrats to Russell Dea for being Brother of the Month for September! Russell is a newly initiated brother who has already taken a proactive role in PDC. 
If Russell had to chose between having a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of his throat, or Cheeto fingers for the rest of his life, he would choose Cheeto fingers! (Unlimited Cheetos basically 😋) When asked what conspiracy theories he has he replied “I think there is another parallel universe in another dimension located in the size smaller than atoms” 🤔 And if he was ever wrongfully locked up in an insane asylum, he would make love not war in hopes that they would let him out ❤️
Thanks for all that you do Russell!

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