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Phi Delta Chi Pre-Rush #1: Pizza Night and Meet the Bros

Written by AnnMarie Magnasco

On Wednesday, September 3rd, Phi Delta Chi – Alpha Psi Chapter hosted its first pre-rush event of the year. The evening, Pizza Night, was an early opportunity for pharmacy-focused students to formally meet the Brothers and learn more about all Phi Delta Chi has to offer them. For many of us, this was the first time we met individuals that could potentially become our life long Brothers. As a Brother that has been in the fraternity for a few years, I have gone through this evening a number of times, at one point being in their shoes. You are in a crowded room full of Brothers and potentials, you have to talk to people as if you were in a Giants stadium due to the amount of conversations going on at once, and you are trying to stuff your face with delicious pizza slices fast enough so you can talk to the next interesting person and walk away with a full stomach. Even though there are these constants, every year this event turns out to be more unique than the last, and that is because of the people that walk in the room. I find that the more people I open up to in sharing my experiences, the more comfortable they are sharing their own; and that is when you learn something new, find a new friend with similar interests, or even begin a relationship that is so profound they may potentially grow into becoming a Brother of Phi Delta Chi.

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