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Fall Festival at John Muir Elementary School

Written by Claire Kim

Add five cups of sugar and a dash of spookiness for the perfect Halloween recipe! Phi Delta Chi brothers volunteered at John Muir Elementary School’s Annual Fall Festival on October 24th. The festival was held outside of empty classrooms in the warm fall weather. As the day turned to night, children of all ages transformed from students to ghosts, witches, zombies, and ice princesses, and enjoyed a night of carnival games, rides, and food.

The brothers volunteered in shifts so that they rotated between the various game stations, including a pig race, a cupcake spin, and coin toss, which all gave them a chance to win cupcakes, candy, and many more sweet prizes. When asked which station was their personal favorite, Michelle Chinn picked the Pumpkin Scramble because, “for the game you hide a pumpkin under a cup and shuffle the cups around. If you pick the right cup, you get to keep a cupcake!” Other brothers chose the pig race because the participants got to choose a colorful toy pig to race against each other. They enjoyed the friendly competition and watching the pigs wiggle and oink to the finish line.

Overall, the brothers were happy to be able to help out at a fun event in the community during the Halloween season. They hope to come back again next year for the spooky festivities and enjoy some of the sweets themselves.

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