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Written by Cindy Hsieh

On October 29, 2014, University of the Pacific hosted its 16th annual Safe Trick-or-Treat. This is a free and public event for the Stockton and San Joaquin County community, where parents can bring their enthusiastic “munchkins and gremlins” onto campus for a safe and guided trick-o-treating tour through Pacific. Each student guide leads a motley crew of fifteen-to-twenty children through decorative and themed dorming halls, where treats are handled out along with the occasional trick. At the end of the tour, the group reaches a carnival ground with game booths, arts-and-crafts tables, and free giveaways are located.

The Alpha Psi Chapter of Phi Delta Chi has been volunteering at this annual event longer than Dracula has been around. Each year, we put on a game booth and celebrate with all the ghosts and ghouls in town. From the set-up time at 3:30pm to clean-up time at 7:00pm, our brothers were actively involved in keeping the festivities alive, or “un-dead.” Our booth this year was themed “Six-Feet-Underwater,” where the trick-or-treaters could “fish” for candy. While two brothers interacted with the trick-or-treaters and helped to throw a toy fishing line over an ocean-themed canvas, two other brothers were behind the canvas, hooking the lines with candy as they were thrown over. The trick was to wait for a tug from the “candy fish.” After feeling the tug, trick-or-treaters were instructed to reel in their treats! Working in a team of four, the Phi Delts kept a captivated audience throughout all three hours.

On top of setting up and manning this popular game booth, extra brothers were also around to help pass out the candy to trick-or-treaters as they walked by. We gave out bags and bags of Dum-Dum® Lollipops until the event was over. Rotating in one-hour shifts, we had over twenty brothers volunteering and adding to the celebration of Halloween.

As Safe Trick-or-Treat continued through the late evenings, more princes and princesses arrived to the carnival. Pacific’s very own pep band contributed live music and families were gathered around to enjoy the melodious atmosphere. The bounce house and inflatable obstacle courses were filled with Gru’s minions and ninja turtles. A food truck and free popcorn stand kept the hungry zombie children satisfied. And all throughout the event, our brothers continued running the game booth until the last smiling Ilsa left the carnival ground in the company of her family.

This year’s 16th annual Safe Trick-or-Treat was bigger and better than ever. It provided the families in the community with a safe environment for their children to go trick-or-treating. The brothers of Phi Delta Chi are always looking for ways to positively impact the community, whether it’s by professional, educational, or social events. As we continue to stay involved with our community, our brothers and our reputation as leaders in pharmacy will continue to thrive.

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