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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Give Thanks Walk- San Francisco

On a Saturday morning, several brothers woke up before dawn, packed into a car, and headed west toward the city. Although initially sleepy, they soon became excited as they neared the tall skyscrapers of San Francisco. However, they weren’t there to sight-see; the brothers of Alpha Psi were about to participate in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Give Thanks Walk with the brothers of Gamma Iota (Northstate) and Zeta (University of California, San Francisco). On November 22, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital held its annual walk across the nation in many locations. The walk in San Francisco was held at the SF Zoo, and being San Francisco, the gloomy weather inevitably led to a rain shower.

But the rain didn’t stop the brothers as they put on their ponchos and walked the route through the San Francisco Zoo. Along the way, the walkers were able to look at zoo animals such as koalas, polar bears, lions, and rhinos. They were also cheered on by helpful St. Jude volunteers. Afterwards, the brothers ate dim sum brunch in Chinatown and had boba tea (for those who are unfamiliar, a famous Taiwanese drink consisting of milk tea and tapioca pearls).

The brothers were glad to take a break from studying for finals and meet brothers from different chapters, walk through the zoo, and enjoy food in San Francisco. They were happy to support Phi Delta Chi’s philanthropy and plan on keeping in touch with new friends.

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