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Winter Retreat: Yosemite

After almost three years of being an active brother in Phi Delta Chi, I would have to say this year’s Brotherhood Retreat on January 9 – 11, 2015 was by far the most amazing experience of brotherhood bonding. The entire weekend trip started with fighting over shotgun for car rides, packing pounds of food and supplies into cars, and enjoying the nice breeze of the car ride until our eyes were blown away with the beauty of one of Mother Nature’s most natural creations, Yosemite. The retreat consisted of the perfect mixture of socializing, bonding, relaxing, and partying. Friday night consisted of getting used to nature’s rhythm and feeling the sigh of relief as we stepped away from our books and studies. Saturday morning involved waking up to a beautiful hike in surprisingly perfect weather as some bro’s deciding to climb the top of a mountain in time for sunset, while others attempted and failed at crossing a river. The night was rather rowdy as bro’s continued crazy late night “hot tub talks,” karaoke and remixing to songs like “Like a Plastic Bag, Like a Plastic Bag,” playing with Sinco’s dog, playing cards and board games, and of course a lot of brotherly love. No matter who you were, there was something fitting for you to enjoy and further develop the strong brotherhood bonds that come with joining PDC.

Overall, I thought the trip was perfectly planned out and there was a perfect mixture of fun, relaxation, and bonding. It left a proud sentiment as I learned that our chapter can work well together on a professional level and get along during events such as this where we step foot outside of school and work.

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