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BIG BLÜ: PDC's Pacific Region Social

On January 16th, 2015 twenty-four active Alpha Psi Brothers and several alumni set out to Lakeland Village for a meeting of the Pacific region in Lake Tahoe. Our very own Alex Van Zuiden, a third year active member and the Pacific Regional Correspondent planned this retreat. When we arrived, we made it our mission to meet as many unknown fellow brothers as possible. Brothers from Gamma Iota and Alpha Nu were welcomed gladly. The first night started off with a bang, with an ABC Party where we got to know one another better and discussed our shared interest in pharmacy and leadership. On Saturday the fun continued with some brothers taking a shuttle into town and others staying in cabins for a calming hot-tub trip. That night several brothers tried their luck at the Casino, while others stayed back for a relaxing night learning from Ralph and other Alumni present. Sunday, the last full day several of us decided to go skiing and snowboarding! Six Alpha Psi brothers and four brothers from Alpha Nu met on the slopes of Heavenly where we enjoyed a long but exciting day in the snow. Other brothers decided to shop and explore Heavenly Village and all it had to offer. That night was our last together, and we made the most of it, talking deep into the night and reaffirming our brotherly bonds. The next day we said our farewells to our newly acquainted brothers and left for home. The friendship and brotherhood that we gained from meeting all our fellow Phi Delts made Big Blu a wonderful weekend.

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