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Pre-Rush #1: Pizza Night 2015

Pre-Rush #1: Pizza Night

September 9th, 2015

The new school year has begun, and as the students of the University of the Pacific were still learning wh

at building their next class would be, they were also beginning to meet new people on campus. The brothers found the early month a perfect opportunity to get to introduce themselves to the incoming class and spread the word about Phi Delta Chi, and they that there is no better icebreaker than enjoying a slice of hot pizza together. On the evening of September 9th, 2015 the brothers of Phi Delta Chi hosted their first pre-rush event: Pizza Night.

Stacks of pizza boxes were lined up on stretch tables, giant coolers were loaded with soda, and fresh cookies were ready to be devoured. At the front of the room, a table of our accomplishments were proudly displayed, showing off our window display, scrapbook, and brand new Thurston. People quickly arrived at the start of the pre-rush, and soon the room was full of conversation and brothers were engaged in getting to meet new people. They were often asked what we did as brothers, as many were unfamiliar with the difference between a social and professional fraternity. We were able to confidently explain what we stood for: leaders in pharmacy, brothers for life. Andrew Do says, “I enjoyed talking to people about the health fairs that our fraternity hosts, the BP clinics, and the volunteering events we do as a fraternity. As a group, we are able to accomplish extraordinary things, such as a successful Color Run to raise money towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” Cathy Trinh, on the other hand, says “people were more excited to hear about what we do as a brotherhood. They loved to hear about the retreats we go on to Lake Tahoe during the winter, and Pismo Beach in the spring. We are lucky to be able to leave Stockton and have fun together!” Alumni even returned to campus to engage in the rush season: our faculty advisor Dr. Marcus Ravnan, new alumni Dr. Matt Saqueton and Brian Woods, and our very own Grand Poobah, Ralph Saroyan were all in attendance. Active brothers and alumni alike made new friends, and the brothers were able to get to know their classmates even more. With almost 100 people who came to enjoy pizza and good company, the brothers felt accomplished and congratulated our Worthy Inner Guard, Dan Ho, for the success of the pre-rush. They hope to see their new friends at future events.

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