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Kamanawanalea 2015

Our annual Hawaiian-themed dance, Kamanawanalea, was one of the best ones yet filled with great music, tasty snacks, photo booth fun and vibrant people. Social chair, Kristen Lau, hosted the dance with the help of her diligent committee, and all of their hard work paid off. The floral table cloths, beach backdrop, and even inflatable palm tree all added a nice touch to the Hawaiian décor. In addition to the flawless decorations, the music made the night memorable. Fellow Pacific student, Jonas Sung, was the DJ for Kamana and he brought the crowd to its feet. His upbeat, electric-dance music set got the guests away from the photo booth and snack table and onto the dance floor. Everyone was packed shoulder to shoulder in the UC Ballroom, with just enough room to jump up and down and fist pump. The sea of gyrating bodies was on beat with the music and everyone was having a great time dancing to the music and enjoying each others’ company.

Everyone who attended Kamana made this year exceptionally fun. There were people of all different majors, not just pre-pharms and pharmacy students, who came out to have a good time. It was deeply rewarding seeing different groups of friends squish together cheek to cheek just to fit into the photo booth frame and take silly pictures with funny hats and glasses. Other groups of friends danced together in front of the speakers or even on the stage itself.

The most important thing is that everyone had a great time enjoying each others’ company and de-stressing from school. Phi Delta Chi was proud to host another successful Kamanawanalea and we’re excited for upcoming events for the school year.

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