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Pre-Rush #3: PDC Playhouse

On November 10, 2015, the brothers of Phi Delta Chi held their annual pre-

rush called PDC Playhouse. This was the third pre-rush event of the year and was

open to all pre-pharmacy majors and pharmacy students. This carnival themed

event, held at Rowland Hall, had an inflatable obstacle course and carnival games

such as balloon darts, bean bag toss, ball toss, ring toss, can knockdown, and a pie-

eating contest. Another activity that attendees could take part in was a variation of

bingo. The bingo sheet had fun facts about brothers, and potentials had to figure out

which brother each fact was about. In order to do this, potentials had to talk to a

variety of brothers and find out a little bit about them. This was an interactive and

fun way to break the ice and meet new people. Those who successfully completed

the bingo sheet were put into a drawing for prizes. This event was a great way to

relax and de-stress a little before the onset of midterms and finals.

Time flew by as brothers and attendees challenged each other whether it was

to see who could finish the obstacle course the fastest or eat the most pie. The pie-

eating contest was fun and enjoyable for all. Contenders had to put their arms

behind their back while trying clean their entire plate. While taking a break

between games, brothers and potentials could be seen mingling, socializing, and

munching on tasty snacks around the warm fire pit. Before long, the night came to a

close. Pre-rush #3 was a successful evening filled with brothers and potentials

playing carnival games and getting to know each other a little better!

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