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PDC – LKS Social

The brothers of Phi Delta Chi held our second annual social with Lambda Kappa Sigma. As brothers, we value strong interfraternal relations, and were very enthusiastic about having a combined event again this year. The night started off with mingling and a barbeque put on at Rowland Hall. Social Chair, Kevin Chan collaborated with LKS’s Social Chair to set up for the event. Since the event took place on the day of Halloween, there were lots of decorations, lights, and themed refreshments. After everyone had a chance to eat, we moved on to focus on the highlight of the event – pumpkin carving! The brothers of PDS and LKS had a great time thinking of designs and making their pumpkins unique. The designs ranged from Greek letters, to ghosts, and sports teams logos. Originally, the brothers of Phi Delta Chi wanted to make it a competition to see who carved the best pumpkin. However, after much deliberation, it was decided that no one pumpkin could be marked as a winner. Instead, we highlighted the uniqueness of each pumpkin by displaying all of them on our porch, lit up with candles. Brother Nav Samra remembers how much fun she had with the process, “My favorite part of the night was carving pumpkins and meeting new people from LKS. I can’t wait to do it again next year!” It’s always an entertaining night when our brothers have a joint event. Everyone stayed late that night mingling and celebrating Halloween together. The night definitely proved to be a success, and both PDC and LKS hope to continue the event for many years to come.

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