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Undergraduate Leadership Panel

Undergraduate Leadership PanelOn September 14th, a busy Monday night, brothers from the pharmacy side gathered at the house to host an undergraduate leadership panel, informing undergraduate brothers about the many leadership opportunities around them. The pharmacy students graciously set aside their time to share past and current leadership experiences to enlighten undergraduate brothers. Brothers shared experiences in their undergraduate years and explained the steps they took to discover, apply for, and succeed in those positions and how they contributed to the success they now have in pharmacy school. Their previous positions in leadership also cascaded into positions they now hold in pharmacy school.

Moreover, the common themes that were displayed during the undergraduate leadership panel included: skills that the brothers gained through their experiences in leadership, recommendations for undergraduate brothers, and finally, regrets that the older brothers have and what they would have done differently. All in all, brothers agreed that the skills they have gained were valuable moving forward in the fraternity and their pharmaceutical endeavors. Working in a team, maintaining a proper and organized lifestyle, being well-versed and able to communicate with a variety of individuals, planning and hosting events, applying a multitude of perspectives to handle different situations, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone were all unanimous skills that the older brothers have gained from their positions in leadership. From those experiences, brothers recommend finding something you are passionate about and wouldn’t mind dedicating yourself to, keeping an open mind to the opportunities around you, never being afraid to push boundaries and aim for something more challenging than you are used to, and maintaining an excellent work habit where small responsibilities eventually turn into great possibilities.

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